God Of War 3: Expensive… but great?

March 9, 2010

I’m sure many of you have heard about the vast amount of money spent on making the third installment of God Of War.

No? Ok then, $44 million, yes $44 million has been spent on the title.

God of War III cost Sony Santa Monica US$44 million to make, according to director of product development John Hight.

“We are stamping discs now, so we’re effectively done. Just got a couple of countries that we’re finishing up on this week and we spent $44 million to make God of War III,” explained director of product development John Hight in an interview with Giant Bomb.

“Believe it or not, that’s right within budget.”

A lot of that budget went towards growing the development team to more than four times that which worked on the original God of War.

“We finished up God of War II with roughly 60 people which was more than double God of War I and now we’ve finished off God of War III with 132 people,” Hight said, adding: “The biggest area that we grew was graphics on the art side.”

We all know that great games aren’t always the ones that have cost the most. So the question is, will God Of War 3 live up to expectations?

We’ll give you a review as soon as we get our hands on it!


Free Microsoft Points!? Free Xbox Live Membership?!

March 9, 2010

Here at GH, we do like to treat our readers, so as our blog is new as of today, we thougt our first few readers could get their hands on some prizes! For you Xbox’ers out there, it’s your lucky day!

All for free!

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The offers are very simple, and for most of them, you simply need to enter a junk email account and some information.

I love being able to simply fill out a few boxes and then receive Free Microsoft Points. You can get many other things here. You can even get games if you decide to save up enough. They aren’t too hard to get either. So simply sign up and start getting Free Microsoft Points.

Good luck with the site, hopefully you’ll be well on your way to riches now!

Aliens vs. Predator DLC

March 9, 2010

Not bad Sega, not bad…

Aliens vs. Predator game cover

Sega have confirmed the first piece of DLC for Aliens vs. Predator. Sega have confirmed the DLC for March 18th; owners of the game will surely be happy DLC has been released so shortly after the game release.

The DLV is set to include four multiplayer arenas; Docks and Machine (which work across all game modes) and Hive and Outpost (Survivor maps).

As always however, good things come at price. But fortunately, it isn’t too much! The pack will cost just under £5 for PS3 users, and the same price for Xbox 360 users (or 540 Microsoft Points).

GH’s recommendation on this update is a must buy! The DLC looks very promising, and we’re all hoping that Sega come out with some more AVP DLC in the near future!